Tutorial Videos

To help get you on-board, we created the 5-part Getting Started Series of tutorial videos designed to walk you through configuring your account, defining the metrics you want to track, and customizing the dashboard the way you need it. Each of the videos are just a few minutes in length, so you’ll be up and running in no time.


LodgingMetrics Founder and CEO Jon Albano gives a brief video introduction of the Getting Started Series of tutorials.

01: Properties and Users

Learn how to set up your LodgingMetrics account, including adding properties, adding users and correctly setting user permissions.

02: Metric Groups, Metrics and Data Entry

Learn how to create custom metric groups, define the metrics you want to track, and input data.

03: Custom Calculations

Learn how to create custom calculations so you can get more out of the data you’re already tracking.

04: Customize Your Dashboard

Learn how to customize the dashboard the way you need. This is probably one of the easiest and most fun things to do in LodgingMetrics.

05: Custom Reports

Learn how to get more out of the metrics you are already tracking by creating custom reports which allow you to display changes in data over time in a line graph, then compare that data to previous time periods, other properties, or even multiple employees.